Archi 4.1 Released

We’ve just released Archi version 4.1. In addition to many fixes and small features we’ve added support for a Command Line Interface. This means that you can potentially run batch commands without launching Archi in the UI. We’ve added core support and initial support for HTML Report generation for Archi itself, and for the Collaboration plug-in.

Once Archi 4.1 is installed in the target location, you can generate a HTML report into a given folder from an existing *.archimate file like this:

Archi -consoleLog -console -nosplash -application -HTMLReport_InputFile "/pathtofile/test.archimate" -HTMLReport_OutputFolder "/outputfolder"

For the Collaboration plug-in you can clone an ArchiMate model in an online repository to a given folder, and generate a HTML report to another folder like this:

Archi -consoleLog -console -nosplash -application -GenerateHTMLReport_CloneFolder "/path/clonefolder" -GenerateHTMLReport_ReportFolder "/path/reportfolder" -GenerateHTMLReport_URL "" -GenerateHTMLReport_UserName "" -GenerateHTMLReport_Password "password"

It’s also possible to trigger this from a git hook if you are using GitBlit or a similar repository. So, if a username and password is not set, the model will not be cloned from the on-line repository but will instead take the existing local model repository in the given clone folder and then generate the HTML report. This allows for the case where the model may already have been cloned by another process.

Additional and bespoke Command Line functionality is possible should you require it. See our Support page and contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

Archi 4.1 download
Collaboration Plug-in

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4 thoughts on “Archi 4.1 Released

  1. It sounds good. Well done!

    Is there the possibility to drive a Linux Archi’s installation in command line mode in order to have an export in png or pdf format of Archi’s Views ?

    My “use case” is the following.

    We design business and technology processes in Archi and keep them updated there.

    Moreover Archi refers by html links the additional written documentation on a private Mediawiki Site.

    Mediawiki embeds some images exported from Archi’s Views in order to be fully autonomous in the documentation.

    It will be nice to have this process automated through the use of:

    git pull -> Archi Export View As Image -> Mediawiki API post -> Process Documentation Updated


  2. CSV export from the command line would also be a useful feature. My use case is exporting data and then importing it into neo4j so I can query and report on it. Not a big hassle to do it manually for my current use case but I can see it expanding in the future.

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