Archi Support

Archi is open source software, and is used by thousands of architects throughout the world. Development work is mostly unpaid and voluntary, and in order to maintain Archi we need your support, and perhaps you need our support, too. We hope you enjoy using Archi in your day-to-day work, training, or study and we’d like you to know that we can support each other.


Where can I ask a question about Archi or find out more?

Archi is free and open source software so we are unable to provide individual support by email. However, there is an active Archi and ArchiMate community. Please read the FAQ first to see if this covers general questions. If you have a question about using Archi then look in the User Guide. There is also a Wiki at GitHub. You can engage with the Archi community in the Archi Forum.

How can I support Archi and ensure that it is maintained?

If you’d like to make a donation via PayPal or Patreon please go to our donation page. A donation really does make a big difference to our morale and to your karma!

I need additional features in Archi and advanced support. Can you provide these?

Perhaps you require more advanced features such as certain import or export plug-ins, command-line access, or for extra functionality to support a specific workflow. Obviously, this level of advanced functionality cannot be provided for free but if you require this level of customisation and support then we could discuss funding options. If you are interested, please contact us.

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