Archi 3 Released

Archi 3 is here! It seems to have taken a long time to arrive but we’re pleased to be able to release it in time for the Autumn. We’ve worked hard to bring you a new version that is built on the latest version of the Eclipse platform. This ensures that Archi will continue to work on the latest versions of Windows, Mac OS X, and most Linux distributions.

New features include support for a new look and feel, import and export to CSV, an improved Magic Connector, find/replace, export image to PDF and many other features and fixes.

I’d like to thank all our users for their support and encouragement these last few months, and to Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie for his incredible support, encouragement, evangelism, contributions and vision. I’d also like to say a big thank-you to those people who have kindly donated by Paypal. These donations have kept the wolf from the door and encouraged me to continue developing new features.

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