Archi Plug-ins

Archi plug-ins contribute additional functionality to Archi. You can download a plug-in here and install it into your copy of Archi. To install a plug-in follow the installation instructions.

Model Repository Collaboration Plugin - Early Access

This is an extension to Archi that allows collaborative work on Archi through sharing and versioning of models in a Repository. It's a work in progress and this is a pre-release version.

  • Check out the new Preferences tab in Archi's Preferences dialog for global settings
  • Generally you will need to have a new empty git repository already setup on a git server, but you can create and push to a GitBlit server
  • To add the model from the repository locally, select the first toolbar button in the plugin tab (the green cross). This will clone the repository and create a new blank model
  • Work as usual on your model and save it whenever you want
  • When you're ready to commit your changes, then choose "Commit Changes" (this can be done offline)
  • When you're ready to publish/share your work, then choose "Publish Changes". In case of conflicts (the same concept changed and published by someone else) you'll see a dialog window helping you to fix them.
  • The History tab is a work in progress and the current implementation is a placeholder
  • Please read through the open issues at GitHub to see what we are still working on

More information is available here.

Requires Archi version 4.2 or later.

Latest file version:

Installing an Archi plug-in

  1. Download the Archi plug-in zip file.
  2. If you are on Windows and have installed Archi with the installer, you need to run Archi as Administrator to install a plugin. You can do this from the right-click menu on the Archi application or shortcut.
  3. In Archi, select "Install Archi Plug-in..." from the main Help menu. Navigate to the downloaded zip file and then, when prompted, allow Archi to restart. The plug-in will then be installed when Archi restarts.

Mac users on OS X 10.12 and later may encounter a problem due to Apple's recent implementation of translocation for unsigned apps (basically, unsigned apps like Archi are copied to a read-only area and executed from there, so the plugin can't be copied). We suggest that, before installing a plug-in, you move the Archi app to a different location (for example, move it from the "Applications" folder to "Desktop" or vice-versa.)