Archi 2.7

Spring is in the air. As we approach the Spring Equinox we often feel the need for some spring cleaning, or Khooneh Takouni. And so we’ve been “shaking the house” by revisiting some of the features of Archi that need improving and also validating the existing codebase with a full suite of unit tests. This latest release of Archi includes the ability to export your ArchiMate diagrams in SVG format. In order to do this we’ve thrown out the old 16×16 raster-based icons for each ArchiMate figure and replaced them with vector-based equivalents. This also means that you can zoom right in on your diagrams in Archi without compromising the image quality. As a bonus, you can now export your ArchiMate diagrams at a greater scale factor in PNG, BMP and JPG formats.

  Out with the old…

…and in with the new

We think that this new feature, together with the other improvements we’ve made, makes this a very solid release.

SVG export, plus many other new features, is available in Archi 2.7.

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