Featured Resources

ArchiMate Specification
Online HTML version of the official ArchiMate 3.2 specification at The Open Group.

Mastering ArchiMate
Mastering ArchiMate – an excellent book by Gerben Wierda offering an introduction to the ArchiMate language and practical examples of modelling patterns.

Tetradian Books
Tetradian – a valuable collection of blog posts and insights on Enterprise Architecture and Knowledge Management from Tom Graves, “Enterprise Architect, Business Anarchist, and Confusionist”.




  • The ArchiMate Community – open to any practitioner who wants to discuss The Open Group ArchiMate Specification. You are encouraged to share models, examples, and viewpoints by opening a new Issue. This can be to share applied knowledge and better illustrate your question and/or viewpoint.
  • ArchiMate 101: A Practical Introduction – online introduction to ArchiMate provided by experts in the field.
  • Archi User Forum – for discussions related to Archi the software and its uses.


Archi Language Packs

A language pack is a third-party add-on that consists of a number of plug-ins that are added to the Archi installation in order to use Archi on non-English systems. To install a language pack ensure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Archi. Then download the language pack and unzip the contents into the “plugins” folder of the Archi installation. Mac users will need to right-click on the Archi app and “Show Contents” to find the “plugins” folder in the app bundle.



Archi Colour Schemes

Archi allows you to set the default colour for each ArchiMate element in Preferences. You can also export and import these colour schemes.

To install a scheme, download and save the file then, in Archi, go to Preferences, “Colours and Fonts” and then click the “Import Scheme” button and import the file.

These colour schemes have been provided by J-B Sarrodie.

Right-click each image and select “Save Link As”.

ArchiMate 3.2 Standard Colour Scheme

ArchiMate 3.2 Standard Colour Scheme

ArchiMate 3.2 Low Saturation Colour Scheme

ArchiMate 3.2 Low Saturation Colour Scheme

ArchiMate 3.2 Saturated Colour Scheme

ArchiMate 3.2 Saturated Colour Scheme

Mastering ArchiMate Colour Scheme

This is the colour scheme as used by Gerben Wierda, the author of Mastering ArchiMate.

Mastering ArchiMate Colour Scheme

Archi Model containing the Colour Schemes

J-B Sarrodie has also created an Archi model that contains these ArchiMate 3.2 Notation Overviews as Canvasses and an ArchiMate View of the ArchiMate 3.2 concepts using the current colour scheme configured in Archi (dynamic).

Download Here

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