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Archi is used by thousands of enterprise architects throughout the world. Development work is unpaid and voluntary, and in order to maintain Archi we need your support. We hope you enjoy using Archi in your day-to-day work, training, or study. Together we can continue to support Archi.

It makes a big difference if you show your kindness and appreciation of Archi by donating to Archi.


If you make a PayPal donation (recommended minimum of £5) we’d like to give you a download of jArchi, the scripting plug-in. Also included are some example scripts to get you started. We’ll send you the download link in a reply to your PayPal donation.


Alternatively, why not join us at Patreon and receive exclusive content including jArchi, Lightbox for Archi, and Excel for Archi. Preview builds of Archi will also be available. Supporting Archi on Patreon with a subscription ensures that we can continue to bring feature rich updates to Archi and its plug-ins.

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