Archi 4.0.3 Released

ArchiMate 3.0.1 Relations

We’ve just released Archi version 4.0.3. The main new features are:

Ā Add ArchiMate 3.0.1 relationship tables – This updates the ArchiMate relationship rules in accordance with the latest revision. Thanks to Ed Roberts for generating the XML file.

Faster load times on large models – Models now load much faster, in some cases up to 4000% faster.

Implement “Copy As Image to Clipboard” for 64-bit Linux – This has never worked for 64-bit Linux Archi. Until now.

Provide 64-bit Windows builds – These 64-bit builds ensure that users with high application memory demands can scale as necessary.

Bug Fixes – Oh yes, there’s always bug fixes…

Thanks to everyone who contributed in some way – feedback, bug finding, support. And a big thanks to those users who donated. Much appreciated. šŸ™‚

Download Archi 4.0.3

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