Archi 5.1 Released

Archi version 5.1 is now available to download.

New features, improvements and fixes are listed in the Version History.

Here’s a summary of some of the new features in Archi 5.1.

Set Concept Type

This is a feature that has been requested for some time – the ability to change an existing ArchiMate element or relationship to a different type. There may be times when you have created a concept and you change your mind or a change in the model necessitates a change.

Change Concept Type
Changing an element to another element type
Set Concept Type
Changing a relationship to another relationship type

This is available from the right-click menu in a View and the Models Tree for selected ArchiMate elements and relationships.

Those of you who use jArchi will already be familiar with the “Change Type to…” scripts that ship with jArchi. When this was implemented it was, for technical reasons, “easier” (nothing is easy!) to do it in jArchi. But now we’ve implemented it in native code, it opens up the feature to all Archi users.

One of the problems with changing an existing ArchiMate concept type is if it is already connected to other concepts according to the ArchiMate meta-model. Changing a concept’s type creates a new set of valid relationships with other concepts and may invalidate existing ones. In this case these relationships are changed to the Association type and an optional note added to the Documentation field such as “(Changed from Access Relation)”. Please be aware that even if a connected relationship type is still valid after the concept change and remains unchanged, its context may be different and may in fact represent a different derived relationship. Something to be aware of.

Show Specialization elements in the “New” menu of the Models Tree

Specialized elements can be now be added in the Models Tree.

If you have created Specializations of ArchiMate elements these can now be added to the Models Tree just like creating a new ArchiMate concept instance in the Models Tree. If the Specialized element has an image this will show in the menu. This feature can be disabled in Preferences if required.


New Specialization
Adding a new Specialization
Thanks to Archi Supporters

And once again, we’d like to thank everyone for their support on Patreon and from other donations. Without this support Archi 5 would not have been possible. If you’d like to support Archi please head over to Patreon.

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